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A few days ago I came across a new, and to me completely unfamiliar, item: the beauty box. Here in Italy, this service began to take hold last year, but the news reached my ear by accident while I was watching tv because of a very famous channel promoting its partnership with one of these box brands. Intrigued, I armed myself with google and hopped in a brand new world.

The phenomenon, as I said, goes by the name of “Beauty Box” as a sort of a chic evolution of the classic freebies that given away by perfumeries: this one works through a low-cost subscription of about € 14 (yeah, you have no excuses this time!) which allows customers to have delivered to their home, monthly, an elegantly packed casket containing a series of mini size (or actual size) samples of beauty products specially selected for them through the forms filled at the time of the enrollment.

I initially thought there was only one company offering this service, Glossy Box, and I thought, woah, but then, through the review of video bloggers on youtube I discovered of a huge variety of websites providing  this kind of service service so that my curiosity has risen dramatically and had me land a real culture about this. That’s why I can now feel like telling you what I was able to understand: each beauty box website has a bargain with various cosmetic houses thus creating a vast choice of offers along with the possibility to display a different kind of box to suit every need.



The purpose of these low cost sample is plain obvious: box houses let you have a taste of expensive beauty products so that you can test them before you buy the original. Personally I find this bright idea useful and pleasant, and I totally am keen on receiving monthly a small survival kit surprisingly full of products for you to discover, practical and suitable to be carriend in your purse.
Obviously the criticism wanders out there, especially for the Italian Glossy box: these are receiving many complaints about the poor quality of the selection compared to the foreign competition. I still can not express my own opinion because I have not tried them, so I will not take sides until I have it proved.
To sum up, you should start by choosing the beauty box that fits you better, and, if you already a subscriber, let me know what you think about these offers! Here’s a little selection:
My Little Box
Sugar Box
Glossy Box
My Beauty Box
Tendy Box


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