A Day Of Spa Without Leaving Home



A Day Of Spa.
Yeah i know, sometimes life can be really stressful, that’s why sometimes you just need to take your time and relax. Have you ever wondered how to recreate the incredible feeling of a SPA day without spending lots of money? Cause you know, that’s pretty easy! All you need is some creativity, a couple of friends and the following instructions.
Spa Products: Probably, unless you are an owner of a perfume shop, you won’t have all the right products for a proper salus per aquam, so tell your friend to come over and bring one product each. One brings the cream, another the body scrub and you will save money and time.
Atmosphere: Half of what makes a spa great is the setting they create: fill the house with candles, prepare your robe and slippers, your favourite music playlist, and the tools to get yourself a manicure and pedicure. Remember that everything must be special for you and your friends.
Healthy Meals: Probably mcdonald’s does not fit best a spa, so you’d better create your own personalized menu with a soft spot over healthy food that will grant you energy and cleanse your body. For example you may create an elegant fruit buffet or cruditè. Otherwise, simply offer your friends some wine or chardonnay with strawberries, that will never fail you.
Plan Your Treatments : Now everything is ready and we can take care of the details. For example, prepare a milk bath, that’s perfect for dry skins. This is really easy to prepare, you just need 2 liters of milk, some petals of a rose and some slice of lime, pour everything in the bath and you are ready to dive in, your skin will be thankful!


Another particular treatment you can follow for having a really productive spa session can be the chocolate face mask. This is plain easy to prepare and all you need are products you can effortlessly find around your place: this recipe will soften and moisturize your skin, you will need:
1 tablespoon of yogurt
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 tablespoon of honey
Put in a bowl the spoon of cocoa, then pour a tablespoon of yogurt and begin to combine the two consists as you finally drop the honey in. Massage the mixture all over your face in circular motions and leave it on for 15 minutes, finally rinse with cold water. The results will be excellent, the skin gets extremely smooth to the touch, especially soft and over all, flavored with cocoa.



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