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Every woman hides a playful side, ironic and a little aggressive, and the best way to show this side of everyone of us  it probably is playing with your wardrobe to dress up with the look of a well cared man. This doesn’t necessarily mean one should look like a hoyden: if well designed, this disguise can instead be a sophisticated and sensual. Despite the many interpretations of this, we will try to grant a modern twist to this outfit, still using as a basis the elements that characterize it.

Men’s look does not necessarily mean putting a white shirt, but some elements still are essential, such as the Oxford or Derby shoes (note that the two models are similar but different) also called “balmorals”: shoes are the most popular for men, perfect to match with business suits and tuxedos but equally stylish with a pair of jeans. Here are some models:





Varnished, like Fred Astaire Signature Saint Laurent Army Derby Shoe In Black Leather




Futuristic and modern Esquivel Metallic Derby Shoe





Classic in Moro Head for Henderson Fusion Suede Derby Shoe

A must for this look are two historic bags of exception: the doctor bag and the tote bag. Take care with the model choice: it has to be large and roomy, no man goes for a walk with the jewelry clutch!


Lanvin Doctor Bag in Black, Elegant and Minimal


Comfortable and Street Man Bag Givenchy Nightingale


A vintage touch for Marc by Marc Jacobs Thunderdome Solid Leather Travel Doctor Bag

As of the accessories, free rein to the imagination: highly recommended is the use of the famousPapion on a nice denim shirt, a tie used as belt or, if you prefer, a stylish pair of suspenders! These can be creative and cheerful details that you can damp down with bangles to give that touch of light and face back to a more feminine tone overall.


If, instead, your aim is to look around and all like the beautiful Marlene Dietrich, your motto should be long life to smoking! Of course, rearranged in a modern key: the tuxedo for women was launched in 1966 by Yves Saint Laurent as an alternative to sheath dress, and has since the become an element that could be found in many parades of the same maison but also accepted and proposed by other stylists, revisited in a thousand ways each time more creative and innovative to better adapt to a society where women was growing to a more and more competitive role without sacrificing her femininity.






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