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The invisible is now visible, tangible, and becomes an object of desire. Let’s talk about Perspex: an acrylic glass that, from the interior design, has made its way on the summer parades of 2012 and it’s not abandoning us yet. The creations that uses it are endless by now, plexi or PVC material invaded every accessory, bag, shoe and piece of clothingg on the catwalks around the world. Every single object becomes futuristic and of contemporary design, allowing you to play with each single creation of fluorescent shades to a minimal invisible. One of my favorite accessories is undoubtedly the Hermes Clear Kelly Bag: the “it” bag of 1996 review of this timeless fashion house is the perfect place to take in the most ‘chic the must of the season.


A more firm alternative is presented with the Clutch of Charlotte Olympia, Maison Martin Margela and Chanel but do not worry! In addition to the great fashion houses, this little gem has also been interpreted by some of the low cost brands and cheap sites like this this one. 





It all ends in an endless selection of shoes, of every shape and kind, to satisfy the tastes of every fashion lover. I recommend in particular the many versions proposed by Jeffrey Campbell, a brand of permissive prices but extremely creative designs.


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