Not Yellow, Nor Green: Chartreuse.

The chartreuse color was introduced in 1764 and it’s named after the French liqueur Chartreuse. Today it is present on the palettes of fashion and design, reproduced on the catwalks and modern furnishings, as it is a bright and vibrant color, perfectly adaptable to any style, from the streetswear to an evening dress: this tone will give your outfits a touch of vivacity without detracting from the sophistication of your clothes and accessories. If you are looking for a fresh color to brighten up the cold season and the chartreuse is right for you.




Do not be discouraged: despite what it seems, Chartreuse is not a difficult color to much at all! In my opinion, the best way to handle it, it’s to combine it with a fantastic deep charcoal gray with a touch of white to give it some light, or by replacing the gray with black, just to stand out the best. If you are looking for a really bold combination, you should try and brighten the set with a touch of pop red or warm orange and, in particular, by combining this color to persian blue so that you get am elegant and not at all trivial matching.




Mara Vallini

Fashion Blogger del sito Wonder Channel

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