Rihanna for River Island



Here we go: finally out at the River Island stores is the long-awaited collection designed personallyby the singer Rihanna. The line is already proving itself a success, even if it’s been just a couple of hours since the collection showed up in the stores, even if this is basically the first fashion production by the star, this was meant to happen: the designs contain such a perfect and essential mix of stylesthat everyone envies and would like to copy. How can I describe it? If you are a child of the 90’s and you grew up watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air dreaming to dress like the Banks’ family member, but the times weren’t just right, now it’s about time: Rihanna hit the mark. Her clothes are minimal, summed up in clean lines yet containing the true essence of old-school streetwear, with that little extra that only the unique sensuality of Rihanna could give.


My pieces of choice are the cream-colored and black cut-out boots, laced in the front like a pair of authentic military boots but with the most killer heel in history, perfect to match with every single piece of the collection. Nevertheless, I’m afraid they already sold like crazy in each salespoint in the planet, but I can assure you that I will be ready to fight for them on ebay.


Other pieces you will inevitably want to buy at all costs are for example the side slip knitted maxi dress, with its dizzy gap and the ultra skinny fit, and last but not least the high waisted shorts Beetlejuice style, a must in your wardrobe if you want to follow the palette of the season and perfect at all times.







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